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Best Browsing Options for You Now

The topic of browsing speed is relevant for companies, both for the use that is made by fixed and mobile devices. This problem is growing not only on a European and American level, but on a global level. Analyzing the speeds detected by mobile browsing, we can see that the Italian data fluctuate from 38.4 to 21.5 Mega per second, therefore there are providers able to guarantee an average speed of 5 Mbps and others that are able to satisfy only a navigation at 3.3 Mbps. In Malaysia, using Time fibre 100mbps home broadband Malaysia is a wise choice in this case.

Time fibre 100mbps home broadband Malaysia

These disparities are also present on a global level:

The studies provide us with terms of comparison indicating a Russian mobile provider as efficient thanks to its 8.9 Mega and an extremely slow South African with 0.6.Although at a global level the Italian connection speed is extremely high, at a European level the beautiful country is struggling: in fact, only 5% of connections are made via optical fiber, therefore few users reach a navigation at 10 Mega.

Time Internet is a pioneer in the use of optical fiber and is therefore able to offer fast Internet solutions for companies. Investing in connection speeds brings unlimited benefits to your business.

A secure wireless network for your business

The term wireless indicates a connection between two devices that occurs wirelessly and is usually made via radio waves. By the term Wi-Fi we mean the devices that make this connection possible. 

Why are more and more companies choosing to use a wireless network? 

The answer is very simple, this kind of network, using radio transceiver devices, can cover a large user area at extremely low prices. 

This system is therefore widely used because it does not require wiring (the set of physical systems that allow the connection) and is therefore more economical. Unfortunately, wireless networks are more prone to attacks and violations: the issue of security for this kind of connection is therefore a topic of vital importance for companies, given the need to keep company communications and data protected.

Time fibre 100mbps home broadband Malaysia


Time Internet comes to the rescue of companies by providing a secure wireless network according to the latest security standards: Time Internet is the right partner to protect your wireless network .