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Best places to dive in Malaysia

Malaysia is definitely not known well among most people because of how small it is. Most people only know malaysia for its political scandals but malaysia is also known for it’s beautiful dive sites all around. The dive sites in malaysia are really beautiful because of its colourful and different coral reefs. Malaysia is also home to it’s own breed and species of fishes. But what most people don’t really know is just how vast the Malaysian reefs are. Listed below are just some of the amazing dive spots that you can go to.


Sabah is home to quite a few beautiful dive spots in malaysia. The first one is the island of sipadan. It has become a huge piece of attraction here in Malaysia scuba test 1, scuba test 2 and scuba test 3 because of it’s amazing visibility. Most of the time you can probably see huge school fishes such as barracudas and mahi-mahi’s. Some of these fishes aren’t usually visible when you’re out diving elsewhere because of their rarity and also water clarity. Mabul is also another island where divers normally go to. It is mainly known for the smaller fishes that travel in groups. In fact there are more smaller aquatic animals here per square km than any other island in malaysia. Lastly, The Kapalai Sipadan. This is one of the more premier dive resorts as they have chalets that overlook the sea and it resembles the chalets of Bora-Bora. The dive site over here is pretty nice but not as nice as the other dive sites on this article. It’s looked at as more of a luxury vacation spot.

TAR Marine Park

Off the coast of Kota Kinabalu lies the TAR Marine Park. It’s home to a beautiful coral reef that consists of sea anemones and atolls. It’s also home to different types of krait’s that are only home to Malaysian waters. But you may want to tread the waters here carefully as the kraits are known to be highly poisonous and one bite could lead to the death of an adult. The kraits here are also known to be half sea half land animals and can slither their way to the island of TAR Marine Park and live there too.

Pulau Redang

Pulau Redang has become one of the most popular travel spots for most malaysian and international travellers. It is also a popular dive site because redang diving packages malaysia are some of the most fairly priced packages in Malaysia. One of the reasons people come to Pulau Redang is to see the amazing patch reefs that grow out of the fringing reefs. The ones that do grow out of the reef grow to become lively with colors. The fish species that can be found here are also specific to this body of water so it’s well worth the price to visit Pulau Redang.

That being said it’s well worth it to make Malaysia one of the best diving spots in the world and to show the world that Malaysia has much more to offer.