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Apps That You Can Download To Check Your Internet Speed

Apps That You Can Download To Check Your Internet Speed

Want to check your internet speed? Want to check the internet provider that covers your area? We got you! Now you can check your internet speed and know which internet provider has good coverage at your place. No need to have a long introduction anymore, let’s jump to the site or apps that you can use to check your internet speed or check an internet provider that has good coverage at your place. By the way, while you here, you might want to choose Time internet plan Malaysia that is currently leading now.

Fast.com is one of the sites that you can use to check your speed test. Not only using a laptop but now you can use a smartphone as well to check your internet speed. By the way, these services are provided by Netflix. You should not worry about the price because this app offers services for free.

Time Malaysia Internet is also one of the popular sites to check your internet speed. There are 7 platforms for you to get this speed test check such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Chrome, Apple TV, and CLI. You can choose which one is perfect for you to use. If you using this speed test check, you also can find out internet ranks by country. Not only that, but you can also read the latest analyses to fix mobile and network performance. This is a really perfect speed test that is provided by Oookla and for your information, it was founded in 2006 and more than 30 billion speed test has been taken. If you want to know more about this service you might want to follow their social media on Twitter or Facebook.


Want to test your ADSL,xDSL, cable, optical fiber, or satellite broadband connection bandwidth? Now you can with Npert! You can get nPerf from Android, Apple, and Windows. Just select any bitrate that you want such as kilobits per second, kibibytes per second, megabits per second, and mebibytes second.

There are 3 top services that you can use to check your internet speed. Feel free to use any of them because it is totally free and is quite accurate. By the way, you might want to use time fibre unlimited home broadband Malaysia as your internet provider. You can get
<ahref= “https://timehighspeedinternet.com/business”> Time Malaysia internet speed using Time internet so what are you waiting for?

Do you know that you really need high-speed internet because it can make your search result faster. If you have high-speed internet, you also can satisfy your Netflix, Spotify, and of course Youtube. High-speed internet also is affordable and cheap nowadays so if still get low-speed internet at a high price it is really not worth it. If you still get low internet speed from your internet provider, you might want to change your internet provider or your internet plan. Go and check your internet speed now to know your speed either it is high speed or a low speed.

Best places to dive in Malaysia

Malaysia is definitely not known well among most people because of how small it is. Most people only know malaysia for its political scandals but malaysia is also known for it’s beautiful dive sites all around. The dive sites in malaysia are really beautiful because of its colourful and different coral reefs. Malaysia is also home to it’s own breed and species of fishes. But what most people don’t really know is just how vast the Malaysian reefs are. Listed below are just some of the amazing dive spots that you can go to.


Sabah is home to quite a few beautiful dive spots in malaysia. The first one is the island of sipadan. It has become a huge piece of attraction here in Malaysia scuba test 1, scuba test 2 and scuba test 3 because of it’s amazing visibility. Most of the time you can probably see huge school fishes such as barracudas and mahi-mahi’s. Some of these fishes aren’t usually visible when you’re out diving elsewhere because of their rarity and also water clarity. Mabul is also another island where divers normally go to. It is mainly known for the smaller fishes that travel in groups. In fact there are more smaller aquatic animals here per square km than any other island in malaysia. Lastly, The Kapalai Sipadan. This is one of the more premier dive resorts as they have chalets that overlook the sea and it resembles the chalets of Bora-Bora. The dive site over here is pretty nice but not as nice as the other dive sites on this article. It’s looked at as more of a luxury vacation spot.

TAR Marine Park

Off the coast of Kota Kinabalu lies the TAR Marine Park. It’s home to a beautiful coral reef that consists of sea anemones and atolls. It’s also home to different types of krait’s that are only home to Malaysian waters. But you may want to tread the waters here carefully as the kraits are known to be highly poisonous and one bite could lead to the death of an adult. The kraits here are also known to be half sea half land animals and can slither their way to the island of TAR Marine Park and live there too.

Pulau Redang

Pulau Redang has become one of the most popular travel spots for most malaysian and international travellers. It is also a popular dive site because redang diving packages malaysia are some of the most fairly priced packages in Malaysia. One of the reasons people come to Pulau Redang is to see the amazing patch reefs that grow out of the fringing reefs. The ones that do grow out of the reef grow to become lively with colors. The fish species that can be found here are also specific to this body of water so it’s well worth the price to visit Pulau Redang.

That being said it’s well worth it to make Malaysia one of the best diving spots in the world and to show the world that Malaysia has much more to offer.

Reason Why You Should Dive

Calling for all the non-divers! Do you want to take diving classes Malaysia? There is much reason why you should take diving classes. Do you know why some people really love to dive even though the cost is a bit pricey but it is really enjoyable diving but before that do you know what is diving? According to Cambridge University Press (2020), diving can define the sport of swimming underwater with special breathing equipment. Do you know what kind of equipment that divers use? There is some equipment for divers to use to diving underwater which is a diving mask, wetsuit, fins, diving footwear, depth gauge, submersible pressure gauge, compass, and the important thing is tank bangers and diving cylinder.

The first reason why you should be one of the divers and take diving classes Malaysia is that you can explore a new part of the world that not everyone willing to go which is underwater. Do you know there are about 230,000 marine species in this world? This is the chance for you to go see the species that you never seen before and witness it with your own eyes and not only see it on the internet.

Other than that, there are many divers community and you will enjoy sharing experience with them when you meet them especially when you meet divers that not from your country. It is because there are many places they have been and also see many different creatures. diving packages Malaysia have started when they start to dive so why not meet some new friends and register for diving classes Malaysia right now.

Diving also good for your health and can prevent you to get a heart attack and stroke. It also can low your blood pressure and improve your body posture so why not register for the classes now. Plus, it also can prevent you from having back pain. Diving too can help you to relieve stress because when you dive you will be surrounded by sea creatures and nature. It is impossible for you to feel stress when you at the situation. Someone has said that when you dive actually you dive into happiness and that why you not feel stress and become happy.

After reading this article, pretty sure you will find that it is quite interesting to be one of the divers especially if you at Malaysia because there are not many divers in Malaysia so we need you to be one of the divers because diving actually very fun and it will also benefit to your health and you will not losing anything from diving. You also do not have to worry thinking places for you to dive because there are many places in Malaysia that are very exciting and it is quite famous among divers such as Redang Islands, Layang-layang Island, Kapas Island, Payar Island, and Tioman Island. Each place has different creatures for you to explore so what are you waiting for and go join the diving classes Malaysia now and experience it by yourself.

Choose Renting Over Buying A Property

Renting Vs Buying

Not every person has their very own property. They, despite everything, need to try sincerely and get enough assets to at any rate get themselves a two-room property. The greater part of those individuals will in general lease rather, for they have no other decision. 

Leasing is the least demanding decision they could get. Huge amounts of individuals do it. A few people, regardless of whether they can get their very own property, they’d at present decide to lease. 

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Individuals will in general view leasing as all drawback. Be that as it may, what they don’t understand is that there is a great deal of advantages leasing can give you. Huge amounts of individuals can really affirm such. Renting is a ton useful than numerous individuals might suspect. In case you’re not persuaded, simply stay and read through the entire article to discover what these advantages are. 

Benefits Of Renting

  • With renting, you don’t need to set up an immense arrangement of cash to have the option to live in such property. It requires low forthright cost, which is simpler to accomplish. You don’t need to worry about finishing reserves since it’s moderate.
  • You wouldn’t need to stress over support and fix bills. Those are completely taken consideration by your landowner. At whatever point you experience a wrecked funnel, or a fixture, or even a circuit, you should simply to call your landowner for he will be dealing with it. There’s no compelling reason to worry about that. You don’t need to be the one searching for the handyman or the expert. Your proprietor normally has their number on speed dial as of now, so there’s nothing for you to stress over. 
  • Another thing with renting is that you don’t need to feel the weight of remaining in a specific spot. You can without much of a stretch exchange or move to another at whatever point you feel like it. You don’t need to remain in a specific spot, since you’d feel like your property would go to squander. You don’t need to submit on things which makes it simpler and progressively advantageous for you. Things are adaptable and simpler to manage if you decide to lease. 

So those are only a portion of the numerous advantages you’d have the option to get from leasing. Those individuals who feel that there’s no good thing accompanies leasing, are thoroughly off-base. 

Presently, there are much more preferences you’d have the option to appreciate on the off chance that you can locate the opportune spot to lease. Malaysia is right now offering a huge amount of accessible properties that are up for lease. There’s a loft, a condominium, a house, and so forth. You’d unquestionably receive a lot in return if you decide to move there. Promised it will make your life much simpler to live in. Look at those properties now. Such properties are strategically located. You can check out the house for rent in Puchong. Otherwise, you can also take a look at Edgeprop’s listing in other areas such as Edgeprop Petaling Jaya, Gombak properties by Edgeprop or Klang and Kajang.

Baccarat – Things to Know

Playing Baccarat Online

Without a doubt, everyone enjoys playing cards. However, as others don’t like to gamble, they just control themselves. After all, gambling is not a good idea all the time. But then again, if you are one of those who can’t really control himself or maybe, you are planning to do in a slow manner, you might want to check the cara bermain baccarat online Malaysia

An online casino is now the trend, considering we are not allowed to step out of our home for no important reasons, besides, casino houses are not available offline, but they are always open online. In the online casinos, there are more interesting games to choose from in which one of them is baccarat. Are you familiar with this game? 

Baccarat is an exciting game. If you are not familiar with this game, you can practice in the demo game. The demo game is where you can play your choice of a casino game without using real money. You can play for as long as you like until you get the hang of the said game. This is a usual offer of most of the casino platforms, thus you should take advantage of this. 

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To know more about the baccarat game, you can check some important information below:

Things To Know When Playing Baccarat

  • Baccarat is one of the oldest card games and one of the most favored in the casino as well. this is quite an exciting game and the mechanics are pretty simple. As of now, there is what they call the mini version and being new, this is now become the favorite. While they share some similarities, you will find that they also have a number of differences. For one, there are only 7 players in the mini baccarat game which is not the same with the traditional game. 
  • In this game, you only have 3 options when it comes to the types of bets. It will be up to you which you think is more exciting or has more chances of giving you winnings. 
  • Knowing that a player will have to strategize to win a game, you will find that in baccarat, the strategy is quite simple, almost every player can do it. You only need to make the same bet every time and you will surely achieve the perfect strategy. 
  • The only thing about baccarat is the scoring and the rules are quite confusing. But of course, if you really want to know how, you can always learn about it, especially that you will find a lot of information online. 

There are still a lot of things to know about baccarat. But on the trivia side, do you know that James Bond loves this game? Yes, so if you are a fan of James Bond, you might also want to learn more about baccarat. 

You can easily find an online casino that offers the baccarat game along with other interesting casino games. One of the best casino sites would be V3 Casino website. I am pretty sure you will have a good time once you get the hang of it. 

Tablet Jumbo Berukuran 12 Inci, Tertarik?

Tablet Jumbo

Selama ini, tablet dikenal sebagai revolusi paling canggih yang merupakan gabungan dari smartphone dan  komputer. Ia memiliki kelebihan dimana perangkatnya mudah untuk dibawa kemana-mana alias mobile. Bentuknya yang mini serta mempunyai kemampuan yang hampir serupa dengan computer, membuat ia menjadi salah satu gadget modern yang paling diminati saat ini. Ukurannya pun bervariasi mulai dari 5 inci, 7 inci, 9 inci, bahkan hingga 10 inci. Menariknya, saat ini beredar rumor akan kehadiran tablet dengan ukuran super jumbo, yaitu 12 inci! Apakah kamu tertarik?

Belakangan, berhembus kabar bahwa iPad akan meluncurkan iPad Maxi yang ingin menyaingi kemampuan netbook maupun notebook. Tak tanggung-tanggung, layar iPad tersebut dirancang berukuran 12.9 inci! Rumor ini beredar sehubungan dengan kabar bahwa Apple mendekati salah satu produsen pembuat layar LCD dan memesan layar berukuran 12.9 inci.

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Worth it?

Sementara para gadgeters masih dibuat bingung dengan kabar mengenai isu iPad Maxi ini, Teman AXISyang tak sabar ingin memiliki tablet jumbo, boleh yakin dengan kemunculan tablet jumbo keluaran Samsung. Secara resmi, Samsung telah mengatakan bahwa akan meluncurkan tablet berukuran 12,2 inci. Display layar super lebarnya akan dibuat dengan teknologi andalan Sharp, yaitu IGZO (Indum-Gallium Zinc Oxide).

Dalam hal tampilan, tablet dengan layar 12,2 inci tersebut akan memiliki resolusi 2560 x 1600 piksel.Spesifikasi lainnya mencakup Android terbaru versi 4.3 dengan user interface ala Samsung TouchWiz. Samsung seakan terlihatbergerak cepat untuk meluncurkan tablet jumbo yang namanya belum diketahui pada kuartal ketiga tahun 2013, sebelum iPad Maxi yang akan menjadi rival beratnya resmi dirilis.

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Wah, nampaknya duel antara dua raksasa teknologi ini semakin sengit, ya Teman AXIS. Keduanya berusaha menyasar semua peluang pasar yang ada mulai dari smartphone, tablet, phablet, hingga tablet jumbo. Bagaimana, siapkah para gadgeters memiliki tablet yang pastinya akan super eye catching ketika dibawa?

Blog Writing Competition: Eksis Dengan Internet

Blog Writing Competition

Hai, AXISers! Apa yang lebih menyenangkan dari kabar baik di awal tahun? Nah, kali ini AXIS sebagai operator GSM dan 3G dengan pertumbuhan tercepat di Indonesia ingin berbagi kabar baik dengan kamu semua.

Suka online? Suka menulis? Dan eksis? Yuk ikutan Lomba Penulisan Blog yang kami adakan dengan tema “Eksis dengan Internet”. Apa aja syaratnya?

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Tema Tulisan

“Eksis dengan Internet”

Periode Blog Competition

16 Januari – 29 Februari  2012

Pengumuman Pemenang

7 Maret 2012


Tablet + AXIS Eksis SIM Card & Voucher value 6 months free unlimited access
I : iPad 2
II: Galaxy Tab 7.0
III: HTC Desire

Syarat Umum

1.Semua blogger di Indonesia dapat berpartisipasi
2.Peserta adalah mereka yang memiliki blog pribadi, baik hosting gratis dan domain pribadi
3.Tidak ada batasan umur
4.Meletakkan gambar banner online di bawah ini dalam postingan, dengan link menuju (blog dunia AXIS)

5. Tiap peserta diwajibkan mencantumkan link ke dan wajib untuk register di blog ini
6. Isi blog: Bebas, fiksi/non fiksi, tidak mengandung unsur pornografi, hasutan, SARA
7. Tidak menyalahi ketentuan undang-undang Teknologi Informasi, tidak melanggar hak cipta, serta bukan hasil copy paste
8. Mengandung ide-ide kreatif baru

Kriteria Penjurian

1. Judul, isi, dan nada pemberitaan sejalan dengan tema lomba
2. Isi tulisan fresh dan original
3. Juri memiliki hak prerogatif untuk menentukan pemenang

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Mekanisme Penjurian

1.Pengumuman pemenang 7 Maret 2012
2.Keputusan juri tidak dapat diganggu gugat
3.Jika tulisan sudah dipublikasikan di blog pribadi peserta, peserta mengirimkan beberapa data berikut ke email dunia.axis@axisworld.co.id dengan subjek Lomba Blog AXIS
– Nama Lengkap
– Alamat url blog
– Tautan langsung menuju artikel yang dilombakan
– Alamat email
– Nomor telpon
4. Mensubmit url blog post pada Notes Lomba Blog di Notes Facebook Page dunia AXIS
5. Selain pendaftaran tidak ada surat-menyurat perihal lomba melalui e-mail penyelenggara

Smartphone Firefox OS

Firefox OS

Pasar smartphone yang semakin berkembang pun kian menarik hati para perusahaan teknologi untuk ikut terjun dalam dunia bisnis tersebut. Seperti yang satu ini, seakantak mau ketinggalan,Mozilla siap meluncurkan smartphoneberbasis sistem operasi Firefox. Apakah kira-kira smartphone berbasis Firefox ini mampu menandingi smartphone besutan iOs dan Android?

OS Apa?

Tidak seperti OS Google Android dan Apple iOS, Firefox OS sangat bergantung pada aplikasi berbasis web. Hal tersebut bertujuan untuk mempermudah para pengembang dalam membangun aplikasi yang dapat bekerja di beberapa platform dan konsumen bisa mendapatkan harga smartphone yang lebih terjangkau namun tetap berkualitas.

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Firefox OS adalah sistem open sourceyang dikembangkan menggunakan bahasa web HTML5. Dengan ini, berarti HTML5 akan terintegrasi ke sistem open source sehingga Mozilla berharap agar lebih mudah bagi pengembang pihak ketiga untuk menghasilkan aplikasi dan meningkatkan kemungkinan bahwa Firefox bisa menangkap pasar yang luas.

Kabarnya, 1 Juli 2013 lalu, ponsel Firefox OS telah resmi dirilis di Spanyol, lho dan ZTE lah yang menjadi merek ponsel pertama berbasis sistem operasi Firefox ini. Ponsel tersebut bernama ZTE Open. Spesifikasinya tergolong cukup sederhana. Dilengkapi dengan display layar berukuran 3.5 inci, layar touchscreenHVGA TFT, RAM 256MB, serta dibekali dengan kamera 3.2 Megapiksel. Untuk tambahan aplikasi, kamu bisa mendapatkannya lewat Marketplace Firefox.

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Selanjutnya, smartphone dengan Firefox OS ini direncanakan akan mulai dijual di Amerika Serikat dan wilayah lainnya segera menyusul. Bagaimana Teman AXIS, tertarik untuk mencoba ponsel dengan kehandalan browser Mozilla Firefox?

Warna-Warni Logo Motorola ala Google

Logo Motorola

Kemana Motorola selama ini? Pertanyaan akan vakumnya Motorola tersebut akan segera terjawab lewat the return of Motorola dengan langkah yang cukup mengejutkan. Motorola kembali dengan nuansa baru dan fokus pada peluncuran smartphone pertamanya yang dikembangkan di bawah kepemilikan Google. Bahkan, sekarang logo Motorola memiliki banyak perbedaan!

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Logo Motorola membawa nuansa baru semenjak perusahaan ini diambil alih oleh Google. Meski begitu, Google tetap mempertahankan logo huruf “M” di dalam lingkaran yang kini diberi warna abu-abu. Warna hitam di dalam lingkaran juga diganti dengan warna putih dan garis lingkarannya terdapat 12 warna yang berbeda. Teks Motorola yang berada di bawah logo, kini menggunakan jenis huruf yang lebih tipis dan lembut. Untuk mempertegas kepemilikan Google atas Motorola, perusahaan mesin pencari raksasa itu menambahkan tagline baru dalam logo, yaitu “a Google Company”.

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Pelbagai Warna

Selain daripada faktor estetika, langkah ini dilakukan untuk membentuk kembali budaya dalam hal membuat produk mobile yang inovatif untuk menarik hati konsumen. Tak hanya itu, perubahan logo ini juga sejalan dengan momentum peluncuran ponsel pintar Android dari Motorola yang kabarnya akan diberi nama Motorola X Phone atau yang nantinya dikenal dengan sebutan Motorola Moto X. Motorola Moto X sendiri dikabarkan akan menggunakan layar sebesar 4,7 inci yang mendukung resolusi 720p. Spesifikasi hardware yang digunakan adalah Snapdragon berkecepatan 1,7GHz buatan Qualcomm, RAM 2GB, memori internal 16GB, dan berbasis sistem operasi Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

Smartphone Moto X akan bersaing dalam harga dengan pesaing utama di pasar, termasuk Apple Inc ‘s iPhone 5 dan Samsung Electronics Co’ s Galaxy S4. Google mengakuisisi Motorola Mobility senilai 12,5 miliar dollar AS, yang disertai sekitar 14.000 hak paten teknologi dan 6.700 paten aplikasi. Well, sepertinya lucu juga kalau fans Moto X nanti kita beri nama Googlerola!

iPhone Murah? Let’s Cross Our Fingers!

iPhone Yang Murah

Banyak orang yang jatuh cinta terhadap produk Apple, tapi sayangnya banyak pula dari mereka yang belum memiliki gadget warisan Steve Jobs itu. Alasannya, tak lain karena harga dari produk Apple yang masih cukup jauh dari jangkauan. Namun belakangan, berhembus kabar bahwa Apple akan segera merilis iPhone versi murah agar mampu menjangkau pasar bagi pengguna yang ingin memiliki namun denganbudget terbatas. This rumors is interesting!

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iPhone murah telah mengundang banyak spekulasi, mulai dari ukurannya, warnanya hingga namanya. Ada yang mengatakan iPhone tersebut akan diberi nama Mini iPhone, iPhone Math sampai disebutsebagai iPhone Light. Beberapa sumber mengatakan bahwa perangkat ini akan memiliki bentuk yang cukup besar dengan layar sentuh 4,8 inci. Namun, berita lainnya menyebut iPhone murah ini akan memiliki serupa dengan iPhone terakhir, yaitu iPhone 5.

Mengapa Murah?

Mungkin ini menjadi salah satu pertanyaan banyak orang. Hal tersebut dikarenakan sebagian besar material, khususnya casing iPhone akan terbuat dari plastik. Isu ini dirasa cukup masuk akal karena penghematan biaya yang dilakukan oleh Apple adalah memperkecil biaya produksi, khususnya dalam jenis bahan baku yang digunakan untuk proses pembuatannya.

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Walaupun diklaim (akan) murah, iPhone versi terjangkau ini sangatlah nampak menarik. Eksteriornya yang sederhanatetap terkesan elegan dengan balutan warna-warni yang mencerminkan unsur ‘ngepop’. Varian warna yang dihadirkannya juga terdiri dari warna-warna cerah layaknya koleksi iPod seperti, hijau terang, kuning, dan juga merah muda.

Tak hanya desain menarik yang menjadi perhatian. Isu hargalah yang paling menggiurkan. iPhone murah ini dikabarkan akan dibanderol sekitar $330 atau 3 jutaan. Tertarik? Selamat menunggu hingga rumor ini jadi kenyataan!