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Tips To Protect Your Home In Monsoon Season

Malaysia is a great place to live. It is sunny, with an inviting and rich culture and the loveliest sunsets. It has several islands for you to holiday at and it promises a great time whichever one you decide to go to. However, monsoon season can be a bit harder to handle for those who are not a fan of rain. It invites strong winds and heavy rains that can be lethal to your property if it is not well prepared, so here are a few tips to help secure your house before monsoon season.

1.     Clean your gutters

Roof guttering creates a passage for water to drain into the main sewers instead of collecting on your roof. But the gutters tend to collect various objects over time: mud, leaves, birds’ nesting, twigs and sticks. These can block the passage of water, and during heavy rainy season it is essential that you keep your gutters cleared of any blockages to make sure that water has an easy passage out and won’t collect by your roof, damaging the guttering. 

Roof guttering

2.     Check your trees 

Trees can be a hazard during monsoon because the strong winds are able to knock them down if they do not have strong roots or trunks. If you have trees around your home make sure you inspect them after every storm for signs of weakening or breakage. By doing so you can assess the problem and fell the tree safely before it falls over your house. Another tip is to  inspect the branches and remove any that can cause severe damage to your property. Cutting them off can minimize the destruction. Tie or chain your trees to a solid structure to keep them steady, as a means of protecting your trees and your home. Removing your trees is another option. Call a tree felling service and have them cut down your trees or move them to a safer area until the season is over.

3.     Waterproof your home

A useful tip is to ensure your home is water proofed in the best way. Having an exterior that expels rain water quickly will prevent its collection and reduce damages. Moisture can become a dangerous ground for bacteria, pests and deadly moulds so inspect your home to keep these at bay. Water logged yards can also become easily flooded, so have these areas drained. Invest in tarmacs to place over your car, your sheds, and anything else that could be damaged or permeable to heavy rains. Tarmac is waterproof, but it will have to be secured down with metal pegs or nails to prevent it from being blown away by the wind. 

Monsoon season can be a difficult time for many, but with these tips, you can be rest assured that your property will be safe when the heavy rains come.